Luminex Gigacore 10 added to inventory!

at the end of 2021 we added Luminex Gigacore 10 to our inventory. With 8 Ethernet ports and 2 Fiberfox ports (dual multimode fiber), it is the next step in our equipment to make projects more easy to build. With 2 Fiber cablereels, we are now able to deliver a steady network within minutes, where…
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livestream studio heerlen van der valk

Need a Professional Live Stream Studio?

Placed in Heerlen, The Netherlands. Get in touch to find out the possibilities!

ASET - Audio / Sound calculator tools

ASET – Audio System Engineer Tools

We wrote an app for audio system engineers that calculates the delay time, the speed of sound at a certain temperature, the wavelength of a frequency depending on the temperature in Hertz and Distance. All this can be done in Metric or Imperial distances (meters or Feet) and Fahrenheit or Celsius! two versions of this…
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Blackmagic ATEM Mini series

We have added the Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro and TV Studio HD to our inventory to adjust to the highly demanding streams nowadays. This seamlessly integrates in to our current rental!